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Bev Orr

Bev Orr (Australia)

Bev Orr is a foster and a kinship carer and has cared for hundreds of children with her husband for 35+ years. She has also been actively involved in advocacy for carers and children in care for 20+ years. Bev is driven by a commitment to properly support carers and promote sustainable systems change that results in a real improvement in quality of care and outcomes for children and young people in the care system. Mrs Orr has a Master’s degree specialising in child protection and has been involved in research projects relating to foster and kinship care. Bev has worked in research, community, public sector and parliamentary environments; she is also a qualified trainer. Bev Orr has sound governance experience, including as a Board chair; she has sat on Ministerial and national bodies to advise, monitor and influence change for better outcomes; and has been recognised nationally in Australia for her work.

"I am passionate about providing better care for children and young people who are unable to live in their own homes through no fault of their own. I have a long and varied lived experience of providing direct care for these children in the foster and kinship care systems, and also through my professional work with children and families with high and complex needs. My research and practice has provided me with a sound knowledge of care systems in Australia, from westernised countries and from throughout the Asia Pacific Region. I have been a driver in the development of Australia’s national out of home care standards; national transitioning to independent living template, carer support, data collection, and working with children checks. I strongly believe in the rights of children as provided in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and similar documents, support the IFCO policy statements and positions, and view systems providing for children through a child centred, family focussed lens.

I hold post graduate qualifications in human services and child protection; public sector management and leadership; law and governance, and have my own business consulting and training in these areas. With Director, Board Chair and Company Secretary experience in charities, a research institute, national peaks and an international youth organisation over 20 years I understand clearly the different roles and responsibilities associated with maintaining a soundly operating Board and viable, progressive organisation.

All my qualifications, skills and experiences will enable me to make a positive contribution to the work of the IFCO Board generally but, subject to the wishes of the Board, I see my priorities as focussing on the provision of culturally appropriate family based care in Indigenous communities, the Asia Pacific Region, policy reform, carer training, and in protecting IFCO from a governance perspective."

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