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Carrie Wilson

Carrie Wilson (UK)

Carrie Wilson grew up in the care system in England from the age of 11, with Social service support ending at the age of 23, when she finished her degree. As a student Carrie was a mentor for those still in care. Once graduated, she worked for a year at Sheffield Hallam University leading the Care Leaver project, aimed at involving more Care experienced young people into Higher Education. Once the work was embedded, Ms Wilson moved on to her current role as Young Peoples Project Coordinator at the Care Leavers Association, the leading user led national charity in England. She works directly with those at the leaving care age, up to the age of 30, to improve the current system and to support those going through the transition process. This includes advocacy, mentoring programs, helping to create national networks of best practice and consulting on issues affecting those leaving care.

"My main role is at the CLA, coordinating and running the Young Peoples Project, a project aimed at supporting Care Youth and improving the transitions of Care Leavers in England. I am a trustee for the Institute for the Recovery of Childhood Trauma, a charity dedicated to reduce the trauma and help recovery from childhood trauma, with specific interest with those who enter the care system. I also sit on the strategic board for NNECL (National Network for the Education of Care Leavers) of which I have been a member since its creation over 3 years ago. I bring my skills of working within the charity sector as a worker, but also as a trustee. I believe networking between organisations and institutions is vital to the success of any work, a skill in which I excel in. If selected as trustee from the UK I would like to expand the name and knowledge if IFCO in England, to ensure that the great work IFCO does is continued and expanded. I would also like to help to ensure that the youth voice is expanded here. I have started to pull together voices of young people of England using the WHWH model, and have collected data from over 10 areas.  As a trustee I would be able to speak on the behalf of IFCO at National conferences to help push the global knowledge of issues, which I believe the UK government currently does not use to create positive policy changes. I am also trained in ‘Training the Trainer’, so able to create and run training packages, this includes working with Youth and Professionals. I am currently undertaking a CBT Diploma which will mean I can work as a qualified CBT Therapist."

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