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Justin Miller

Justin “Jay” Miller (USA)

Dr. Justin “Jay” Miller is an Assistant Professor in the College of Social Work at the University of Kentucky. Jay is dedicated to social issues and community outreach, a passion which he brings to his work as an educator and scholar. His research and academic interests focus on child welfare, particularly outcomes related to foster and kinship care. Jay is actively involved in a host of community endeavors and has served as the co-founder/past president of the Louisville Association of Social Workers, and the founder of the Jefferson County Foster Care Peer Support Program and the Kentucky Chapter of the Foster Care Alumni of America. Jay is a past recipient of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services’ Paul Grannis Award, and is a 2014 inductee into the College of Health and Human Services Hall of Fame at Western Kentucky University. Jay was a Cohort Two Doris Duke Fellow (Doris Duke Foundation and Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago) and earned his Ph.D. at the University of Louisville. Last but not least, having spent time in foster care as a youth, Jay is a proud foster care alum.

"It would be an immense pleasure for me to serve on the Board of the IFCO. If selected, I would bring a unique skill-set and array experiences that could positively contribute to the overall mission of IFCO.

First, having been in foster care myself, I can personally attest to the struggles that youth involved in the “system” may face. I will draw on these experiences for insight in addressing challenges plaguing systems of care, everywhere.

Second, I have worked in a variety of child welfare contexts, at local, state, and federal levels. In these positions, I have investigated child maltreatment, placed youth in care, and trained foster parents, among many other tasks and duties. All of these make for rich experiences that I can use to inform my work as a Board member. These experiences are  outlined in the attached CV.

Third, as a university professor, I currently conduct, and have conducted, research studies about, and involving, foster youth. My entire professional research agenda is dedicated to giving foster youth and alumni a voice in systemic processes, policies, and programs related to foster care. Many of these studies have led to scholarly publications and presentations at national and international conferences. Again, these products are thoroughly outlined in my CV.

Fourth, I have a strong volunteer record, specifically associated with foster care. I have served as the founder and president of the Foster Care Alumni of America – Kentucky Chapter, the founder and facilitator of the Jefferson County Peer Support Group for Foster Youth, and the Program Chairperson for the Saint Joseph Children’s Orphanage.

Last, and not least, I am wholeheartedly committed to devoting the time needed to serve on this Board. I will bring the same commitment and fervor to this endeavor that I have brought to my past work."

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