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Louise Cox

Louise Cox (UK)

Louise Cox has been a Supervising Social Worker for a charitable fostering agency for nine years. As Deputy Area Manager for Bristol and South West (UK), she has experience of strategic planning, developing policy/procedure and evaluating the effectiveness of the service in my area and nationally. It is crucial to review best practice within social care settings. There is always more to learn and sharing information/ideas can greatly enhance the lives of the children we are caring for.  Ms Cox developed the roles of Foster Carer Representative and Children’s Champions in her area to empower Carers and Children to have their views heard. Changes have been made based on the feedback from those it affects most. Louise is a founding Trustee (and Supporter Coordinator) for a Charity supporting homeless children in Nepal. She has also directly supported social work programmes in Asia, Africa, America and Eastern Europe in a variety of roles.

"I consider myself to have an ordinary job working with extraordinary people. I work with Foster Carers every day. I have been in their homes when they have been managing some of the happiest moments, as well as some of the most challenging moments, of their lives. I have spent many hours with the birth/adopted Children of Foster Carers. I have walked with Children as they have taken their first steps into a new home and a new family. I have listened to their views and ideals. Together we continue to create a service that puts the Child at the centre of all that we do.

This is the insight I feel I could bring to the Board. My priorities would be around Child Centred Practice. I have particular interest in establishing working focus groups around practice-based issues. Aftercare is a developing area in the UK and I believe shared information from other countries will be invaluable. I would also welcome the opportunity to initiate a project regarding caring for Children and Young People in Foster Care Seeking Asylum. I have worked with many Children in the UK who have been seeking asylum and have been a consultant for a Refugee and Asylum Seeking Charity.

Growth of the organisation has been an important aspect of my current leadership role. I have developed practice around recruitment of staff, foster carers and voluntary roles; growing by 200% in my area since the start of my employment.

Foster Carers, and the Children and Young People they care for, have been my inspiration for many years and I hope to be part of an organisation sharing information to achieve excellence within alternative care.

I want to be the change I wish to see in the world."

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