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Myrna McNitt

Myrna L. McNitt (USA)

Myrna McNitt has been a foster parent and a kinship provider.  As a carer, she has experienced the joys and challenges of being a carer.  As a social worker, she has worked her entire career in child protection and juvenile justice.  Ms McNitt has developed programs in the USA to deinstitutionalize children involved in the juvenile justice system.  She was the clinical program supervisor for a Multidimensional Treatment Foster Care project in Reading, UK.  This was an evidenced-based program providing foster care to children who had multiple placement breakdowns. Myrna was also the clinical supervisor in Kenya working to provide family reunification, foster care, adoption and leaving care services to children with disabilities and infected/affected by HIV/AIDS.  Myrna McNitt is now a college professor of social work, teaching courses to prepare students to work in child welfare/protection.  As a life member of IFCO, Myrna has worked for over 30 years to provide training and project work across the globe to promote family-based care for children without parental care.

“I bring a multifaceted perspective to the IFCO Board as a carer, social worker, and academic.  These views enrich the work of the IFCO Board.  I have a historical view of the development and transitional changes of the work of IFCO as I have been a member for over 30 years.  Two years ago I co-authored the 30 year history of IFCO: “Voices of the Forgotten.” I am a published author writing on issues related to recruitment and retention of foster carers. I have represented IFCO as a speaker at conferences throughout the world. As a trainer I have expertise on issues of trauma, attachment, resiliency, and promoting the role of foster parents as essential team members in child protection. I have worked with IFCO managing projects in Kosovo, Azerbaijan, and Hungary.  I have served as the chair of the Training and Development Committee and assisted in developing a Trainers’ Bureau of Experts. I have worked with the IFCO Secretariat to develop policy and procedures as well as researching information needed to respond to TOR’s.  I am well networked in the USA and the global community with organizations like the Child Welfare League of America, Causes for Change International, the National Foster Parent Association of the United States, and National Association of Social Workers. I am passionate about the rights of children and work to assure the full intent of the UNCRC and UN Guidelines on Alternative Care become a reality for children.  I am a life member of IFCO, have served as a volunteer, a committee chair, and am a current member of the Board of Trustees.  In sum, my skills are: ability to develop and deliver training curriculum on issues impacting child well-being; conduct project work, work collaboratively with Board Members and other stakeholders in carrying out the Mission of IFCO.  It would be my pleasure to be able to continue on the Board of Trustees of IFCO to provide leadership for IFCO as it works to carry out its Mission.”

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