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Sam Pothier

Samantha Pothier (Canada)

Samantha Pothier is a former foster child from Vancouver, Canada. She has been volunteering and working within the youth in care community for 15 years. Ms Pothier worked and volunteered for the Federation of BC Youth in Care networks and is sat on the Board of Directors for the Youth in Care Canada. More recently, Samantha was the project lead for the creation of – an interactive website to help youth in care transition into adulthood. Samantha’s areas of speciality are leadership development, life skills, education, curriculum development and transition support. The majority of her work is focused on youth in and from government care 14-25 years old. Additionally, Ms Pothier has strong skills and experience in governance, budgeting, fundraising, research and report writing.

"I would make a great director because of my 15 years’ experience working and volunteering for the youth in care community.

More specifically, I bring strong operational experience. In my role as Treasurer for Youth in Care Canada, I was responsible for budgeting and financial management of funds totalling $500,000. In addition, my grant writing experience raised $30,000 for Youth in Care Canada in one month. During my tenure at the Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks (FBCYICN), I was delegated the responsibility of writing the annual report and preparing the organisation for accreditation because of my expertise in report writing and my attention to detail.

Additionally, my curriculum and training experience will be an asset to the organisation. While an employed at the FBCYICN I created a curriculum of over 40 workshops targeted towards creating young leaders in the youth in care community. One of the workshops was delivered at IFCO 2011 World Conference. I also created several interactive learning modules on I have also assisted in the development of strategic planning sessions for the FBCYICN. Those sessions required strategic planning training for staff.

Over the last 15 years, I have developed many strong relationships with the youth in care community in Canada. Because of those relationships I feel confident in being able to bring the voices of youth in care in Canada to the table. In addition, I am connected to advocates and service providers to provide me with best practice approaches to working with the foster care community. I believe that my representation on IFCO’s board will be a truly national perspective and I am dedicated to bringing their voices, and sector best practices to IFCO and its members.
In summary, my experience in operations, training and my strong relationships with will be an invaluable asset to your organisation."

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