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Stela Grigoras

Stela Grigoras (Moldova)

Stella Grigoras holds a Ph.D. in Sociology and has over 18 years of experience in developing and managing large social welfare in childcare national reform programs and projects.  Since 200, she has held the position of CEO of Partnership for Every Child in Moldova. Her responsibilities include leading on supporting local and national government in planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating transformation and closure plans for large-scale residential institutions, as well as planning and delivering community-based social services for children and families; implementing inclusive education programmes, innovative early intervention programmes, mechanisms for inter-sectoral cooperation on cases of child abuse, neglect and exploitation; supporting the national government in developing and revising primary and secondary legislation in child and family welfare.

"Throughout my professional career as a CEO of  Partnership for Every Child in Moldova, I have strengthened my political, managerial and administrative abilities and I have faced many challenges pertaining to working with various state and non-state official representatives. I have worked vastly with various international development organisations and I am very sensitive to cultural and social aspects connected with working in a multicultural environment.

Since my appointment as a CEO, I have managed to contribute to building a strong organisation with a high profile in child welfare and strong team with national and international expert ties in social welfare through track record in the strategic planning, management and administration. I have also vast experience in national and international advocacy and fundraising which would be extremely beneficial for IFCO.

I have strong abilities to quickly identify organisational needs, meet corporate goals and undertake full responsibility. My knowledge in political turnarounds, organisational development in addition to my experience to create development programmes that deliver results, has been my greatest asset to all my employers.

Being elected as a member of IFCO Board, I will make use of all my knowledge and abilities to build upon the organisational strategic development, striving to united forces in promoting foster care internationally at all levels as the best alternative care option for the children separated temporarily or permanently from their families."

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