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2017 Board Elections

Further to the 2017 call for nominations to stand for elections to the IFCO Board, 6 self-nominations and 1 nomination* have been received by the closing date of 6 October 2017.

The candidates for election to the 2017-19 Board of Directors are listed below:

A) Candidates seeking re-election as the existing members of the Board of Directors (in alphabetical order):

1. Lacy Dicharry (USA)
2. Britta Schölin (Sweden)
3. Donna Scott (Australia) 
4. Jill Worrall (New Zealand)

B) Candidates for whom a nomination/self-nomination for election to the Board of Directors has been received (in alphabetical order):

5. April Curtis (USA)
6. Jo Derrick (Scotland, UK)
7. Vasylyna Dybaylo (Ukraine)

As there are more nominations than there are vacancies, all 7 candidates are up for election to fill in the maximum of 4 available seats. The 2017 IFCO Board elections will be conducted at the Annual General Meeting that will be held at the IFCO 2017 World Conference (University of Malta, Valletta Campus, Room 6, Ground Floor, St Paul's Street, VLT 1216, Malta) on 2 November 2017, 17:30 CET. Those elected will serve a 2-year term immediately after the AGM once they sign the prescribed Companies House form. The new Board will select its own Officers at the first meeting following the elections.

According to IFCO Memorandum & Articles of Association, one-half of the current Board of Directors (those longest in office) must retire at each election. They may then seek re-election if their term does not exceed eight consecutive years. This year, the following candidates will be seeking re-election as the existing members of the Board of Directors: Lacy Dicharry (USA), Britta Schölin (Sweden), Donna Scott (Australia) and Jill Worrall (New Zealand). Seven of the existing Board members: Danielle Douglas (Ireland), Stela Grigoras (Moldova), Carrie Harrop (United Kingdom), Sarah Milan (United Kingdom),  Samantha Pothier (Canada), John Role (Malta), Vasundhra Sharma (India) will retain their seats and continue their current term on the Board for another two years as laid out in Memorandum & Articles of Association. The following Directors will be seeking retiring under the Memorandum and Articles of Association without further re-election : Volodymyr Kuzminskyi (Ukraine), Myrna McNitt (USA) and Ian Anand Forber-Pratt (India).

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