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Britta Schölin (Sweden)

Britta Schölin, born in Congo Brazzaville, got Master degree from the School of Social Studies 1969 and has worked in the social field since then with focus on child protection and alternative family-based care. 1995 she became a psychotherapist. After five years work in the local social government she continued to the primary school for children where she stayed fifteen years. Ten years work in the child psychiatry as a director and social worker followed. She was family care consultant for children in foster homes and their foster parents in assignment of the social welfare authorities during ten years. She continues as social welfare consultant supporting foster parents. Britta is active in two associations with focus on alternative care for children. Contacts with the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs and other authorities in Sweden are important. Since 2000 Britta has worked within the international sphere as IFCO and Eurochild. 

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