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Lacy Dicharry (USA)

Lacy (Kendrick Burk) Dicharry, MS, MBA is an internationally known expert in youth engagement, and has lead the US in several innovative youth-led programs and helped set standards for youth engagement practice. She holds a Master of Counseling Psychology and a Masters of Business Administration, combined help her in her organizational development and government systems consulting. She was a 2014 VOICE Award winner for her advocacy efforts to promote youth engagement in mental health. Lacy had to work to overcome many challenges, including abuse, mental health diagnoses, suicidal ideation, and trauma responses before finding recovery. Lacy also serves on the Board for the International Foster Care Organization (Secretary) since 2013, and Foster Care Alumni of America (Treasurer). She continues to advocate for positive changes for youth through sharing her story and consultation for state, national and international organizations. Through coaching and mentoring young people, she inspires them to do the same.

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