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Message from the new IFCO President Danielle Douglas

Dear IFCO Family,

I consider it an honour and a privilege to be elected as President of the International Foster Care Organisation. I attended my first IFCO Conference ten years ago (2007) in Malta and it was certainly a life-changing experience for me. I believe and feel passionately that every child is a human ‘being’ and not a human ‘becoming’ and they deserve love, stability and protection now and the best place to provide this is within a family environment. IFCO was the first organisation that I was involved with that shared my values so closely and therefore I have never looked back since. To be voted in as President on the tenth anniversary of my relationship with IFCO in the place where it all began was an incredibly special moment for me.

My experiences as a care leaver, foster carer, lecturer, researcher, international youth engagement officer, IFCO Conference Organiser and IFCO Board member ensure not only that I bring a well-rounded wealth of experience to the role but also that I know exactly how integral each one of these stakeholders are to the alternative care process. I promise to consult with you and represent your views in an inclusive and meaningful way at all times. As the IFCO President, I would like to share with you our vision for the organisation going forward. First and foremost, we want to continue to be a driving force for promoting excellence in alternative care through information sharing, research and policy development and consultation with key stakeholders. Some of our specific operational priorities for this year include increasing membership, improving membership returns (including members section on the website) and increasing accessibility of information through a variety of different platforms. I have tasked our Vice President Lacy Dicharry with leading our efforts for member inclusion. I would love for members to be a part of this process and strongly urge anyone who has ideas or suggestions on achieving these aims to please let us know at or

On a personal note, together with all of our highly experienced Board members we promise to continue to be passionate, dedicated and relentless in our journey towards quality care for all children in alternative care across the globe. I am beyond excited to have this amazing opportunity to lead the IFCO team and our members on the road to becoming an even bigger platform that facilitates those at the heart of the system and ensure that all voices are heard equally.

With best wishes,

Danielle Douglas,

President of IFCO, November 2017





Our new website will be ready early in 2019. In the meantime you can still join, connect, learn and share at the current IFCO website. Don’t forget that you can also hang out with us on Facebook (link?) or keep up to date via Twitter (link?) 2629746000