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Christmas card
Веселого Різдва і з Новим Роком!
Wishing you all happiness, success, and prosperity throughout the New Year, and may your Christmas or other Religious or Seasonal Festival be one filled with peace and blessings for you and for the ones you love! We look forward to working with you in the coming year and hope our relationship...
baby + computer + IFCO
IFCO SENDS GREETINGS on Universal Children's Day - the international day for children
20 November is celebrated in many counties as Universal Children's Day - the international day for children. The United Nations General Assembly recommended in 1954 (resolution 836 (IX)) that all countries institute a Universal Children's Day, to be observed as a day of understanding between...
Zachari Duncalf, a research fellow at Strathclyde University in Glasgow, who spe
UK - Why we need to listen to adult care leavers - meet Zachari Duncalf, who is collating an oral history project on the lifelong ramifications of care
Family life can provide us with a lifelong support network and a safe place to return to throughout our lives. But for those in care, what happens when aged 18 to 21 the state's duty of care ends? While much of the research on care leavers is focused on young people who have just left care, there...
children's home Belarus
Since 1925 many countries celebrate 1 June as INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN'S DAY - greetings to all children from IFCO - have a lovely day and hopefully a happy and healthy year!!! >>> which countries? >>>
Chris Gardiner
Orphanage tourism? Please think again!
Personal rant! I live in Prague where there is a useful expats web site where people can post messages. This message appeared there last week: # "Hi there, We'll be visiting Prague in mid May and wants to take our daughter to visit the orphanage there in Prague. We are from US. Does anyone know...
84 year old foster parent, preacher & community worker Sybil Phoenix - hear her story (BBC World Service radio programme)
84 year old foster parent, preacher and community worker Sybil Phoenix came to London in 1956 from British Guiana. 50 years ago she started fostering and has cared for countless children for which she was awarded an MBE award from Queen Elizabeth in 1973 - the first black female recipient. Sybil...
UK Community Care magazine article > "Bring back orphanages to keep siblings together in care" > ANY COMMENTS?
Larger children's homes had several benefits. Among them was the ability to accommodate siblings. A German model could provide the template for their revival, writes former Care Leavers' Association president Phil Frampton The most appalling statistic about our modern care system is that (in...
Spain stolen babies
Spain’s stolen baby scandal - estimates as many as 300,000 adoptions that took place in Spain between 1960 and 1989.
Antonio Barroso cried himself to sleep every night until he was 12, haunted, he says, by a taunt from other children: “Your mother isn’t your real mother.” He asked his mother repeatedly, and even secretly checked his official birth certificate. But she insisted, and the documents confirmed, he was...


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