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2nd National Foster Care Conference in Malta on 26th & 27th November 2011
2nd National Foster Care Conference in Malta - The Role of Play Towards Well-being
The Role of Play Towards Well-being - Promoting a healthy foster child development & maintaining strong foster carers' bonds. 2nd National Foster Care Conference in Malta on 26th & 27th November 2011
NEW ZEALAND - The National Caregiver Training Programme
The New Zealand National Caregiver Training Programme is a partnership between Child, Youth and Family and Fostering Kids (formerly New Zealand Family and Fostercare Federation). We work together to make sure foster children and young people are given the best of care by providing learning and...
"There is a big difference between the type of foster care in the West (short term) and the practice we are encouraging in China.
"Most children in the west come into care through some form of abuse in the past, and may have contact with their natural families. Children in China, many of who are disabled, come into care through abandonment because of their disability or gender, so their traumas are very different. They have...
USA - National Public Radio - interview > Speaking Of Foster Care In 'The Language Of Flowers'
USA - National Public Radio - interview "Speaking Of Foster Care In 'The Language Of Flowers' Victoria Jones is often sullen silent, and hostile, but she speaks the language of flowers. She knows that red roses signify love. The primrose means childhood, which she never really had growing up in a...
UN Human Rights Committee
UN Human Rights Committee says Bulgaria should close all children's institutions
The UN Human Rights Committee rejected the Bulgarian government's plan to phase out children's institutions - including those for children with disabilities - over the next fifteen years. Instead, the Committee demanded that the Bulgarian government takes urgent action to close all children's...
UKRAINE - IFCO member organisation 'Partnership for Every Child' calls for urgent financial assistance due to fire
A destructive fire caused by a short circuit seriously damaged its office and destroyed completely a room with modern equipment, a unique library for social workers, photo galleries of the organization and its printed materials. Read more / donate:
News from Latin America - Enewsletter from RELAF
News from Latin America in Spanish and English. The latest Enewsletter from RELAF (Red Latinoamericana de Acogimiento Familiar) the now independent regional network started by IFCO following the 2003 IFCO World Conference in Argentina. English: Spanish:
Czech Republic to abolish infant homes by 2013
The Czech government plans to abolish all of the country’s infant homes where babies under the age of three are placed if they are considered at risk or their families cannot take care of them. Some 2,000 infants spent time in these homes last year – but beginning in January 2013, the government...