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end to sending children below three years, including children with disabilities,
End placing children under three years in institutions - a call to action
UNICEF and OHCHR urge Governments throughout Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia to put an end to sending children below three years, including children with disabilities, into institutional care.
Helping Street Children Return Home
Helping Street Children to Return Home
As part of its commitment to improving the lives of street children in Africa, Retrak is inviting practitioners to attend its two-day conference in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia September 29,30 to share the knowledge and skills needed to work with the most marginalised children. The theme is ‘Helping...
Georgia: Military Shuts Orphanage, Staining Childcare Reform
GEORGIA - an unexpected decision to close a state children’s home to make way for a new military training center has sparked fears that – despite progressive reforms – politics still triumph over children’s rights. IFCO member Andro Dadiani comments.
New York in transition: a better future for youth leaving foster care
New York in transition: a better future for youth leaving foster care
Last year, more than 1,100 New Yorkers aged 18 or older left the city's foster care system. A few were enrolled in college. Others found steady jobs and affordable places to live. But many more were on the insecure fringes of the economy, without stable housing or income.
Child in Serbian institution tied to crib - Photo by DRI, 28 July 2011
Disability Rights International - Historic Victory against Segregation in Serbia
Belgrade, Serbia--July 28, 2011-- Disability Rights International's partners in Serbia, Mental Disability Rights Initiative (MDRI-S), succeeded this week in pressuring the European Union to back down from funding the reconstruction of six institutions for people with disabilities in Serbia. The €5...
Spain to stop placing children aged under 6 in children's homes
Children under six in vulnerable situations will no longer be placed in State-run children’s homes, and will instead be immediately assigned with foster or adoptive parents, according to a new draft law on child protection. Full story (Spanish & English):
New IFCO Board and Officers
Following the International Foster Care Organisation's Annual General Meeting held on the 14th of July in Victoria, BC, Canada the new Officers / Board members are:President: Volodymyr Kuzminskyy (Ukraine) president@ifco.infoVice President: Jean Anne Kennedy (Ireland) youth@ifco.infoAdministrative...
Child Sponsorship
Sponsoring a child in the developing world is a hugely popular form of giving. Millions of donors are linked with millions of children thousands of miles away. But this form of aid has often sparked controversy. Over the years, many of the large sponsorship charities have revised the way they...