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Welcome new 2017-2019 IFCO Board

IFCO has a New Board of Directors

We are pleased to announce that following the elections during the Annual General Meeting on the 2nd November 2017 in Malta, IFCO has the new 2017-2019 Board of Directors.

Jo Derrick (UK) and April Curtis (USA) were elected on to the Board of Directors. In addition, Britta Schölin (Sweden), Donna Scott (Australia), Jill Worral (New Zealand) and Lacy Dicharry (USA) were re-elected as the existing members of the Board of Directors. We are delighted to welcome new directors on to the Board and are excited about the wealth of experience and knowledge they bring with them.

On the 5th November, the officer elections took place. and we are delighted to announce that our new Executive Committee is as follows:

The new composition of the 2017-19 IFCO Board members and officers is listed below:

  1. Danielle Douglas (Ireland) - President
  2. Lacy Dicharry (USA) - Vice President
  3. Sam Pothier (Canada) - Administrative Secretary
  4. Carrie Harrop (UK) - Treasurer 
  5. April Curtis (USA)
  6. Britta Schölin (Sweden)
  7. Donna Scott (Australia)
  8. Jill Worral (New Zealand)
  9. Jo Derrick (UK)
  10. John Role (Malta)
  11. Vasundhra Sharma (India) 

All members of the now fully constituted IFCO Board of Directors will have a mandate of two years until the next Board elections in 2019. The primary role of the Board will be to provide an overall governance, strategic and policy direction of the organisation. Please click here for full profiles of the Board members who are eager to continue to drive IFCO forward as one of the leading international organisations responding to issues on alternative care.

In a letter to the IFCO members, Danielle Douglas as the new President of IFCO said: "IFCO was the first organisation that I was involved with that shared my values so closely and therefore I have never looked back since. To be voted in as President on the tenth anniversary of my relationship with IFCO in the place where it all began was an incredibly special moment for me."

We would like to extend our gratitude to Stela Grigoras, Minister of Health, Labour and Social Protection, Republic of Moldova, who served as IFCO President in 2015-2017. We would also like to thank our outgoing board members Myrna McNitt (USA), Volodymyr Kuzminskyi (Ukraine) and Ian Anand Forber-Pratt (India) who sought retirement under the Memorandum and Articles of Association. We would like to recognise the time and commitment given to the IFCO family by Jean-Anne Kennedy and Sarah Milan who stepped down from the board before the elections this year. We wish them every success in their future endeavours and appreciate their dedication to the service on the IFCO Board over their many years.

Our new website will be ready early in 2019. In the meantime you can still join, connect, learn and share at the current IFCO website. Don’t forget that you can also hang out with us on Facebook (link?) or keep up to date via Twitter (link?) 2629746000